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Grief Counseling

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You experienced...

a loss. Someone you love dearly has died. You got divorced or dumped. You lost your job. You moved across the country. You had a miscarriage or are experiencing infertility. You have an injury or illness that makes it hard or impossible to do the things you used to do. Your spouse has an injury or illness, and your relationship with them is just not the same as it used to be. You lost a sense of your identity. Ultimately, you lost the future you imagined you would have.

You feel...

Overwhelmed, disoriented, isolated, and stuck. You understand that grieving a loss is normal and natural, but you wonder if you are “doing it right.” You might be taking one of two roads: You feel so consumed by your loss that you can’t seem to focus on anything else. You aren’t feeling motivated to hang out with friends, go to work, or plan for your future. These things just don’t seem to matter anymore. Or you’ve been attempting to cope by keeping yourself so busy that you simply don’t have any time or space to feel things. You tell yourself that if you keep moving, you won’t have to deal with your grief.

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Trip Planning
Trip Planning

Let's work together

 Grieving is a normal and natural process, and sometimes it’s still helpful to have a guide to lead you through the storm. In our work together I will provide space for you to share your story. I will teach you some frameworks for thinking about the grief process. You may have heard of the five stages of grief, but I will share a couple alternative models that seem to be a bit more helpful. You can think of these like maps that will help you gain a sense of direction on your grief journey. We will combine creativity with what we understand from research on grief to develop personalized strategies to help you process the loss, engage in your present, and plan for your future.

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