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Building and Enhancing Relationships

Bite to Eat

You are experiencing...

a lack of fulfilling relationships. Maybe you're struggling to make new friends or deepen the friendships you already have. Perhaps you have rocky relationships with your parents, siblings, or coworkers and aren't sure how to navigate them.

Friends by the Lake

You feel...

lonely, defeated, and anxious. You want to make new friends but negative self-talk keeps getting in the way and you're scared to put yourself out there. The thought of confrontation scares the heck out of you, but you are tired of feeling like your needs aren't getting met in the relationships you do have.

Happy Friends

Let's work together

Together we will discover patterns in how you think about, feel, and act in relationships. We might explore attachment styles to help make sense of your experience relating to others. We will challenge negative thoughts about yourself or others that are getting in your way. We will practice assertive communication, boundary setting, listening skills, self-disclosure and vulnerability in relationships. I'll encourage you to get some real world practice with these skills outside the therapy room. I know that can be scary, but I'll support you every step of the way!

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