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Understanding Emotions

Work Desk

You are...

Intelligent, analytical, a go-getter. You use logic, reason, and facts to guide your decision making. You tend to ignore your emotions or shove them down. Maybe your parents told you to “just suck it up” and "stay positive" when you were a kid, or it wasn’t safe or acceptable for you to show your emotions at some point in your life. Perhaps you just don’t see the point of having feelings and talking about them. Other people in your life say that you are guarded or have walls up that they can’t seem to break through.

You feel...

 Disconnected and dissatisfied. You have relationships but they just don’t feel that deep or fulfilling. You have a job that you're good at and it pays the bills but you’re not particularly passionate about it. You want to feel more alive and connected to yourself and others. You have a hunch that connecting with your emotions more might help with some of these problems, but you aren't sure how to go about it.

Woman at Subway
Coffee Break
Friends by the Lake

Let's work together

I'll help you learn strategies to identify, accept, feel, regulate, and communicate your emotions. We will practice being emotionally vulnerable (gradually!) in session so that you can start trying this out with friends, family, or romantic partners. We'll work together to figure out what your emotions are telling you (think of emotions like data), and how you can use your emotions together with logic and reason to help you make decisions about your relationships, career, and life path.

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