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Landscape photo of aspen trees in the fall boardering Jenny Lake at Grand Teton National Park

The Steadfast Living Therapy Approach

If you've experienced trauma, loss, challenging relationships, or difficulty understanding your emotions, you're keenly aware that there are no easy solutions or quick fixes. While this is true, I've learned through both personal experience and my work as a therapist that healing and growth are possible if you're willing to show up and put in the work.


The name of my practice was inspired by my clients who do just that. They show up to therapy, for themselves, again and again and again. They take what they've learned in session and practice it in their daily lives. Through successes and setbacks they remain steadfast in pursuit of their growth and healing. That unwavering determination is what makes change possible.

What will my therapy experience be like?

My therapeutic approach as active, engaged, and goal-oriented. I'm not a therapist who passively listens. I believe this approach can reinforce the feeling of stagnation that may have brought you to therapy to begin with. You can expect that I will provide questions, observations, education, and specific tools you can use in your daily life. I enjoy providing podcasts, videos, articles, books, and worksheets to support you in continuing to learn and grow in between sessions.


I believe the therapist and client share the responsibility of identifying goals and directing sessions. I come to each session with a plan for what we can work on that aligns with your goals for therapy. I also understand that life happens in between sessions, and there may be something else you'd rather prioritize. I strive to be agile and adapt to your evolving needs over the course of our work together. I welcome client feedback at all stages of the therapy process and do my best to integrate it into our work together. 

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